Watch Us Do A miraDry Demo On FB Live!

If you missed our miraDry launch in January, join us for another LIVE demonstration! Our very own Dr Chris Rennie will be treating a patient LIVE and answering any questions you have about how miraDry can help you. A hyperhidrosis sufferer his whole life, Dr Chris is an expert in sweat and will be walking you through this life-changing treatment and showcasing how miraDry can benefit your lifestyle! The miraDry System uses thermal energy that safely targets and eliminates the

Banish Underarm Sweat This Summer With miraDry

We hope everyone has been enjoying some sunshine over the past few days!⁠ miraDry is proving to be very popular, with a lot of enquiries and treatments booked to prepare people for more sweltering days ahead! 🥵⁠ To see a step by step guide of what to expect during a miraDry treatment, visit ⁠ Also, check out the website homepage where Dr. Chris talks about his experience with hyperhidrosis and how miraDry has drastically reduced his un

How Does miraDry Fare Up?

We launched miraDry back in January with a treatment on Facebook live. Check out how it went during Jacinda’s miraDry session and what her verdict was in the following days and weeks after her treatment! 👀 miraDry targets and destroys the sweat glands in your underarms, drastically reducing your underarm sweat and odour in as little as one treatment. Message us if you’d like a consultation and say ‘yes’ to less sweat this summer 💦🚫 #miradry #miradryuk #miradryresults #mira