Watch Us Perform miraDry On A Patient!

We treated a patient on Facebook Live last Thursday (3rd Sept). If you missed it, we've got the footage here! Heather was previously treating her excessive underarm sweating with botulinum toxin injections, but with the current restrictions in place, it's (understandably) been more challenging to access these injections through the NHS. We were delighted to introduce Heather to miraDry for a permanent sweat reduction solution.

Watch the full video to see Dr Chris Rennie walk us through how the miraDry system works, his personal experience with hyperhidrosis, and his verdict on miraDry after having the treatment himself in January 2020!

We of course, answer the most commonly asked questions:

Don't we need to sweat?

Does the treatment hurt?

How does miraDry work?

How many treatments do I need?

Want to know even more? Email us info@rmauk.com and we'll send you a miraDry information pack with pricing details.

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