How Lockdown Has Given Hyperhidrosis Sufferers A Sense Of Freedom

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

For many, lockdown has been a very trying time – for others, a slower pace has been a welcome change.⁠ @metro.co.uk interviewed some hyperhidrosis suffers who expressed how the restrictions in place for containing Covid-19 has offered a greater sense of freedom than ever before. ⁠

‘The current situation is terrible, but it’s quite nice to not have the pressure of shaking someone’s hand,’ says Andrea. ‘I think that after this pandemic, things will get even better for people with hyperhidrosis because people will be more concerned about colds and viruses, and wary about touching each other.’ ⁠

Abbie, says that she’s constantly worrying about how her excessive sweating impacts those around her. ⁠

'At work, I always think about silly things, like the fact that we share the same landline phone and if I put it back down it will have a wet mark on it,’ she says. ‘I just worry about how horrible it must be for someone else to go and pick it up after me.’⁠

Do you agree with Andrea and Abbie? Are you keen to get 'back to normal' or are you more comfortable being at home? 🏚️⁠

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