Are "Meat Sweats" A Thing?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

"Here come the meat sweats". 😂 Joey was definitely onto something! ⁠⠀

No scientific studies have directly researched meat sweats, but a few studies have provided relevant information about a possible connection: diet-induced thermogenesis. ⁠⠀

In the human body, energy equals heat. The more energy you’re expending, the hotter you’re going to feel. To cool itself down, your body sweats.⁠⠀

Exercise is not the only reason that your metabolic rate increases. When you eat meat, or any other food, your body expends extra energy breaking down that food. This energy causes heat. Scientists call this heat diet-induced thermogenesis, or the thermic effect of food.⁠⠀

Carbohydrates are broken down easily and quickly, which means the body doesn’t use too much energy. Proteins are much more complex and take a lot longer for your body to break down. So it is possible that eating massive amounts of meat (protein) could require so much energy that your body must sweat to cool itself down! ⁠⠀

Do you experience 'meat sweats?' ⁠⠀


Extracts from @healthline

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