76% Men Think Excessive Sweating Is Embarrassing

Men also suffer from body image issues and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is no exception.

A survey commissioned by Certain Dri® revealed that excessive sweating negatively impacts men's social, emotional and functional lives. The vast majority (76%) of American men think excessive sweating is embarrassing, with almost half (44%) saying they think they sweat more than most people.

The Nielsen conducted survey, found that almost all men (93%) say they would do something to prevent or hide excessive sweating, with the top response being using extra deodorant or antiperspirant (61%).

Additional research shows that men aren't only bothered by their own excessive sweating – they notice it in others too. Close to three quarters of men surveyed (71%) say that they notice people who have sweat stains on their clothing and 70% say that people with sweat stains on their clothes look unkempt.

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